Monday, January 13, 2014

On Your Mark, Get Set, Walk!!

It's that time of year again....our annual Walking Contest begins today.  Our school district sponsors this event to get us healthy.  We all get into walking teams at our schools, and log in our steps for 3 months.  My team is named the "Yack Pack" since we talk so much collaborate constantly.  You can see by my picture that I've earned 70 steps today already, going to the coffee pot, then back upstairs to my computer--ha ha!!  Actually, I walk every day, usually in the morning before school.  I really do need this contest to begin since I've been a little lax with my health since the start of school.  I've been spotted on more than one occasion "drinking" Ruffles from a red plastic Solo cup during recess breaks. It's time to take charge!  Anyone else getting healthy for the new year?

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