Saturday, February 15, 2014

Conversations, Candy, and Cards...Oh My!

Here's hoping you all survived Valentine's with your students. Surprisingly, my kids were great! Mid way through the day, I had an out of body experience (not kidding!) where I was just sitting at my desk, watching the kids pass out their cards and treats to one another. My students made US Mailboxes (for the 23rd year!) out of cereal boxes...which I failed to take a picture of...sorry! They scurry around and put their special cards in everyone else's mail slots. It's the cutest thing to witness...LOTS of smiles, laughter, chit-chat about who gave who what card, and so on! I just have fun being a fly on the wall and seeing this age-old tradition roll out each year. Aside from the card exchange, I try to sneak in some learning with Conversation Hearts candies. The kids enjoyed predicting the amount and most/least popular colors of the heart candy. We sorted, counted, graphed, and wrote about the candy as well. Again, CRACK-IN up at the kids as they constructed sentences with "Hot Lips" and "Sweet Thing." Ahhh, the life of a teacher. There's nothing better.

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