Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bunny Bark...Oh, Yeah!!

Besides being a teacher, I'm also a grateful mother of two elementary aged children. I am BEYOND thankful for the phenomenal education my 4th and 5th grade children are receiving at their school. One thing that makes a big difference for the kids is that the teachers group/differentiate throughout the day for Reading and Math. The good part is that they rotate to different teachers, depending on their levels and needs. The hard part is treating all of them to seasonal goodies throughout the year. One of the EASIEST and YUMMIEST things I do is make bark. Here's a picture and the step by step directions for making Bunny Bark. You can make bark for any holiday by changing out the candies. (During Halloween, substitute the M & Ms for candy get the idea!?)
Ingredients: Wilton Meltable White Chocolate (3 bags makes enough for one cookie sheet), pretzels, M & Ms (pastel), Oreos (vanilla), and pastel sprinkles. Directions: Put wax paper on a large cookie sheet. Break the pretzels and oreos onto the wax paper. Scatter M & Ms on top. Melt the Melting Chocolates by following the directions on the bag. Pour the melted white chocolate over the ingredients on the wax paper. Sprinkle more broken oreos, pretzels, and M & M's over the top. Sprinkle the pastel colored sprinkles as a finishing touch. Put in refrigerator for a few hours to harden the bark.
After the Bunny Bark has hardened, break it apart in big, medium, and small chunks. It's ok for it to break apart any way it does--that's why it's called "bark."
Bag up the Bunny Bark, and deliver to all the teachers in your life! :) Enjoy,

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