Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fluency Builders with Legos!

I have a big span of reading levels in my 3rd grade class this year. I have a group of my students who still have the "brakes on" when it comes to reading fluency. I decided to tutor after school a few days a week. It's perfect with only 8 students to focus on. We're working on sight words, building fluency, intonation, and of course comprehension skills. To help motivate the kids, I brought in my son's Legos. Every time they attend tutoring, they get to choose a Lego brick to add to their Lego platform. They LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this part of the tutoring session, right at the end when they get to select the brick. My son, on the other hand, is quite concerned that he get these Legos back soon. So, to solve my dilemma, I bought Lego candy to give my students. At the end of the whole tutoring class in a few weeks, I will trade them--they'll give me back my son's Legos, and I'll give them the Lego candy. I bought the Lego candy on Amazon. {What doesn't Amazon sell!?} Here's a picture of the candy to give you an idea of what it looks like. Cute, huh?

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