Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Countdown

The days are numbered.  Keeping my class engaged, excited, and coming every day is the name of the game.  I put up a Summer Countdown on my board today.  Each day, we will turn over a sun to discover a fun activity or treat.  I've seen this done with balloons, with the daily treat inside of the blown up balloons.  I just don't have enough hot air left in my weary body to do that, so here's my simpler version.  I bought the die-cut suns at the teachers supply store and wrote on the back of them.

Today, the special surprise was to read outside.  The kids LOVED it.  Here's a collage of a few of my kids, totally into their reading.

You can put anything you want on the back of the suns.  Here are some suggestions:

1.  Sit anywhere you want all day.
2.  Chew gum in class.
3.  Water paint
4.  No homework
5.  Crab races for P.E.
6.  Movie day
7.  Make/sign Memory Book

You get the idea...  Also, you can strategically place the suns in the order you want them to fall (that's the way I do it.)  Or, you can let the kids come up and select a sun randomly.  Whatever you choose, the kids will love the anticipation of the Summer Countdown.  


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