Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Currently

July...the start of the slippery slope towards the start of school.  Yipes!! Where did June go?  I'm hooking up with Farley from Oh Boy, 4th Grade! for the monthly July Currently.

Listening:  I just love Aloe Blacc's music--so uplifting.  His music has been my go-to music on my iTunes that motivates me to walk each morning.  

Loving:  Loving the June gloom that is sneaking into July.  I can handle life with good weather; I'm not a big fan of humidity or heat!

Thinking:  The TpT conference is upon me--one week to go.  This opportunity is like a dream come true.  I can't wait to meet some of the most creative, dedicated teachers on the planet!  I'm mostly looking forward to putting faces to names, and taking my lil TpT store to new heights with all of the tips I'll be learning.

Wanting:  A new purse is on the horizon.  My old one got smushed, slimed, and worn out on our family trip to the east coast.  It's a mess!  I'm hoping to get a lil Kate Spade crossbody bag--oooh!  Can't wait!

Needing:  Just about everything on every Target aisle.  Could be dangerous.

4th Plans:  Good ol' fashioned fun...pool time/bbq with neighborhood friends, and fireworks in the evening with a different set of old friends.  Couldn't ask for more.  Oh, yeah-almost forgot.  We're making some of my grandpa's classic, secret recipe homemade ice cream.  It's going to be the first batch of the summer, so I'm not sharing with anyone.  haha!


  1. Hi Carol! Could you send some of that cool weather this way, please? It's been in the 90s with high humidity here, but it's supposed to get better by the 4th.

    Have fun at the TpT conference! I won't be attending this year, but I hope I will at least get to read some interesting blog posts about it. Have a fabulous time! Carol

    1. Hi Carol! Tennessee is a looong way to travel for a conference. I'd be in the same boat if I lived that far away. Sorry you can't attend. I'll try to post some pictures and insights for you.

      Happy 4th,