Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to School Night....CHECK!

Back to School Night is one of my favorite evenings at school.  I love to connect names with faces, and give an overview of the school year with my families.  I tend to talk waaaayy too fast, cramming in waaayyy too many details about the school year, so this year I tried to zip it scale back my power point presentation, and give more time for questions at the end, or even just giving a little time for small talk before they whisked off to another classroom.

One new thing I tried this year was shrinking my QR code {which takes them to my class website} and attaching it to a pencil, as a treat for them to take home.  They seemed to really like it! I made sure they knew that the power point presentation, as well as other great information would be on my website in case they didn't catch all the information during my presentation. You can make a QR Code of your own, and link it to your website.  Just go to a "QR Code" generator on google.  It's free!

I also had the kids write letters to their parents and left them on the students' desks so that the parents had something to read while waiting for my presentation to begin.  This letter was particularly toward the end where she mentions how no one is a "chatter box" at her table.  Too funny!  I loved watching the parents reading their letters from their child...LOTS of smiles and whispers.  

This letter template, along with several more Fall themed printables, is included in my Back to School Night Kit:  LINK

What do you do to help bridge the communication at your Back to School Night?  It truly is a precious half hour or so where you get to be in charge of the first bonding opportunity of the year.   What matters in that half hour?  What's your hook?  

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