Sunday, August 10, 2014

End of Summer

Got up early this morning to wash my car.  *Sigh*  The end of my summer is here.  As I was vacuuming the last of the beach sand clinging to every nook and cranny of my car's interior, I said my goodbyes to a wonderful summer season, full of memories.  I even found a little bit of window paint left from my TpT road trip to Vegas.  I felt like Wilbur, looking at the remnants of Charlotte's spider web, drifting in the barn's frame.

I've been busy for the last few weeks setting up my classroom.  Although I LOVE summer, setting up my classroom is never a chore to me.  I love the quiet room (minus my own two kids who keep me company!) and the time to re-think the start of a new year.  Here are a few pictures of my walls to show you the color scheme.

I use a three color system in my classroom:  lime green, pale blue, and chocolate brown. I use the  polka-dot border, accented with a second solid brown border to really make it pop.   {Pinterest trick!}  The Common Core Math Practices Standards are a fun addition to my math board this year.  

 Not liking the puckers on this blue paper, but thought I could eek out one more year of use since the fadeless paper is so expensive.  Plus, it will be covered in student work in no time!  I'm going to start off my writing with the "We had a crazy-cool Summer!"  Aren't the popsicle lights cute?  Stole those from Michael's--gotta love the summer clearance stuff, right?!

And then there's my classroom door.  It's the most annoying shade of maroon, so please excuse that!  The kids will get to write their name on the door if they join PTA, so that's sort of fun!  The thing I do love about my door is that it's magnetized, so that makes it easy to put new things up all year long.  Here's a link to the smaller Welcome Back door sign:  Welcome Back

Here's my lil jar of birthday pencils, all ready to hand out to my students throughout the year.  Found the perfect owl erasers at my local school supply store, C & M (Upland).  Sooo cute! I accent with owls as part of my decorations--see my picture in the distance?  That's a Target treasure.  They really have some c-u-t-e canvas art in their home section, for a reasonable price!

So, I hope you are all having fun gearing up for your new school year!  

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