Saturday, November 1, 2014

Everybody was a Kung-fu Fightin'

I'm on week 3 of 6 (hopefully!!) of being stuck at home with a broken foot.  This picture pretty much sums it up...

So, there I was, coming in from a fun Literacy event at my kids' school one evening.  There it was...a big black widow, hanging in my garage at eye level.  I decided to kung-fu kick the spider.  I gave it my best shot, then *thought* I saw that thing on my foot.  The open-toed sandals I was wearing only added to the panic.  I was certain that I saw it rubbing it's pedi-palps together, getting ready to swing up on me from its dragline.  To save my own life, I kicked my foot down on the cement to whack it off. According to my kids, I did it several times, flailing around in a frenzy.  As I stood there in pain, my daughter finally pointed out to me that the darn spider was still up on the wall, as if mocking me.  At this point, I knew I was in pain, but didn't realize I'd broken two bones.  I hobbled over to the nearest weapon of mass destruction (aka: Windex) and grabbed it, spraying the spider to death.  

After a trip to the ER and my doctor, I'm officially on "rest" for the remainder of November.  I was in shock when they told me that I couldn't walk for over a month.  What!?  Right in the middle of my favorite season, trick-or-treat time, decorating time, fun times with my students and children?!  It was the worst news I could've ever received.  I'll admit that I *might* have a touch of ADHD, so being trapped at home, unable to maneuver on crutches, has been tedious, slow torture.   Any busy, working mom will tell you that being forced to sit at home for 6 weeks and do NOTHING sounds like heaven. In reality, it's a bit of a mind game.  I miss being outside, tidying up my house, zooming around to take my kids to all of their activities, teaching, etc.  

My dear friends and mom have been life-savers to me.  Dinners are being delivered to us, rides are being provided to my appointments, and my kids are being taken care of.  My husband is busting and moving to keep on top of laundry, cleaning up, shopping, decorating for Halloween, and forcing me out in my pathetic wheelchair.  I'm beyond touched at the outpouring of love and support.

One of my dearest friends stopped by today to deliver this FUN package from my school staff.  I almost cried!  How clever and cute~all Spider-Themed, naturally.  They know how to yank my chain, that's for sure!

So, that's what I've been up to.  By the way, I'm SO caught up reading everyone's AWESOME blogs, pinning my heart out on Pinterest, stalking the TpT forums, and all daytime TV.  I hope you're all doing well~feel free to leave a comment since I have PLENTY of time to read and respond back to you. :)  


  1. You're right Carol it is hard to just relax when life takes a detour, hope you are able to get some rest and see the blessings you have....just a few more weeks to go and then you can jump back into the chaos! Hugs, Christina

    1. Thanks, Christina! I will hang in there and count all of my blessings. :) I guess all the chaos will be right there waiting for me, right!?