Friday, January 2, 2015

What's The Story Behind My TpT Logo?

I found a fun forum thread on TpT, asking us the story behind our store logo.  So, I'm connecting with Jenny's Linky {Art with Jenny K} for today's blog post. You can see my TpT store logo below.  It's the same one I use for my blog (sorry for the double whammy!)  I'm NOT a big fan of photos of myself, but thought this one worked well.  It's taken from an engagement picture 13 years ago.  Add a few more gray hairs, wrinkles, and a few pounds, and it's still basically me--ha ha!  We all have to put our best foot face forward, right?  It looks a little cropped because IT IS!  My poor husband was shaved off of the right side.  He did not want to intermingle with my TpT world I guess.  Would you like to meet him?  Scroll down...
So here's the original picture that my face came from. (It's a little blurry--sorry!)  I'd like to introduce you to my better half, my partner, bestest daddy and husband ever, Jesse!

This is our engagement photo from the summer of 2001.  Awww...look at how young we were!  I dare not put a current picture up...any new teacher would scream and run with the affects of stress on a teacher--lol!  

So there you have it, the story behind my store logo.