Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Currently

Hello, May!  22 Days and Counting until Summer Break!  Hooking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Farley, for her monthly Currently series.  Check her blog out for some fun reads!

Listening:  Saturday morning madness~as usual!  Looking for all of my son's gear, scattered all over! When will we ever get organized--ha ha!!

Loving:  I put the finishing touches on my kids' Teacher Appreciation gifts for the upcoming week.  I just love doing this for them, knowing how hard they work for all children!  

Thinking:  Eeeek!  Report card time again!  'Nuf said!

Wanting:  I almost have my husband convinced that we need a jacuzzi in our backyard!  It'd be heaven!

Needing:  My cupboards are overflowing again.  I really need to purge the old, and organize the rest. I will do this before school's out, so I can come back in Fall with a fresh start!

Summer:  The sweetest word in a teacher's vocabulary...summer!   I look forward to some me time, and we time with my lil family. Sun, beach, pool time, trips, camping~ahhhh! Can't wait!


Not only am I a teacher, but I'm also an appreciative parent of some wonderful teachers.  Here's what we have in store for them this week!

The first one pictured is for all of my son's & daughter's teachers.   Included is a Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Certificate (yay!), a Starbucks card, and a "Mad About You" Bath and Body Works lotion.  They each have a homeroom teacher, and also rotate between a few other outstanding teachers for other subjects.  Each teacher has a knack for bringing the best out in kids, and is an expert in his/her particular subject area.  Let's just say, the dendrites are growing more than ever this year in the Martinez household.   The male teachers don't get the hot pink ribbon or lotion, but some candy instead, with a blue ribbon!

 Here's a fun one for my daughter's homeroom teacher.  I'm the Room Mom for his class, so instead of the gift pictured first, we are doing some daily fun stuff for each day of the week.  We collected donations from the kids in the class, and are doing a daily group gift.  The first one is a fuel gift card.  He's a motorcycle rider, so we thought this would be perfect!  "Thanks for FUELING our minds for success!"

 He loves the movies, so we are thanking him for a PICTURE perfect year with a movie gift card.
 What teacher doesn't love Target?  I'm sure teachers keep that store afloat, huh!?
 Our teacher loves to do scrapbooking with his students for math--so creative!  Here's a Michael's Gift Card attached to a jar of funny balls--"We've had a BALL with the scrapbooking!"
 Here's an oldie, but a goodie... We are SODA-lighted to be in your class.  A Subway Gift Card is a handy lunch for a busy teacher.

Here's a copy of the gift tags, just in case you need a quick gift to put together.  Simply drag the image on to your desktop, and presto--instant gift tags.