Monday, June 22, 2015

Dare to Dream

It's HERE!  Week 2 of the TpT Seller Challenge has arrived.  {I'm still doing my cover makeovers from last week's challenge~only 30 more to go! Whew!}  Here are the links to the fabulous creators of this fun challenge:  Third in HollywoodSparkling in Second GradePeppy Zesty TeacheristaTeach Create Motivate

Now, it's one thing to dream.  It's another thing to put your dreams into writing, for all the world to see.  I do believe that there's power in putting your thoughts and dreams into writing, then shooting it out to the universe.  Hopefully, it will swirl and spin, mixing with the right elements to come to fruition.  Here I go...

Family Vacation:  Last summer, we were fortunate to have TpT funds to take us to the east coast~ Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and New York.  It was a family dream of a lifetime!   My latest dream to splurge on from my TpT savings is to go somewhere tropical with my family.  The Bahamas, Hawaii, the Caribbean would be just fine, thank you!  We want the white sands, high-calorie fluffy-blended drinks, whales breeching in the distance, and NO agenda!!

Bye Bye Visa:  This one is on my last nerve!! Darn visa bill!  We pay it off, then it creeeeps back up on us.  I hate debt and want it GONE for good!  

RAKs:  I love to do Random Acts of Kindness, and would love to do more without worrying about it.  I do have a few homeless people in my city that I keep encountering, and have started recognizing.  I love giving them money, especially Diane.  She is so sassy, and has the sweetest pup companion.  When I give her money, she thanks God first, then says, "Thanks, hun."  There's also a mysterious homeless woman that I see on the way to work almost every day.  I'd love to stop one day and give her a care package or a bundle of cash to make her week go by a little easier.  

So, those are a few of my dreams.  There you go, universe...have your way with them! Also a HUGE shoutout to Teachers Pay Teachers for already making my dreams come true.  What a blessing you've been in my family's life!

What are your dreams?


  1. I used to have a Nordstrom card...I got rid of it because of how dangerous it is lol! Pay it off and don't use it again!! Good luck!

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

  2. AMENNN to the white sands and high calorie fluffy blended drinks!!! :D This made me LOL!!!! I'm thinking Caribbean all the way! My fiancé and I want to go on a Caribbean cruise for our honey-moon.. I'm hoping TpT will help out with some of the expenses.

    I love your dreams! Wishing you the best!

    1. Thanks so much, Suzy! Good luck with your wedding/honey-moon planning! :)

  3. That's awesome that you want to participate in more random acts of kindness! This world definitely needs more of that! Care packages for the homeless! What a great idea! I hope you get all you need to continue spreading those RAKs! :)

    Engage and Play in PreK