Saturday, August 15, 2015

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You...

The first week of school is under my belt.  Well, it was only 3 days, all of which were minimum days, but hey, let's just call it a week, ok?  And let me tell you, this meme is SPOT on!!  I was actually looking like the middle picture by Friday; temperatures were soaring into the 100's, and I was a hot mess!

So, once I got me ever growing class list somewhat settled in by Day 2, I jumped right in with some initial assessments.  The beauty of this first one, Math About Me, is that the kids have NO idea that I'm already getting to know their number sense with this activity.  The students simply write their age on the line, then show me all the ways to make that number.  Luckily, the 2nd grade team is already giving the kids lots of open-ended experiences, so they didn't seem too overwhelmed by this assignment.  Here are some images of the kids in action!

This student only had a few ideas written down when he tried to turn it in, so I had him try a little longer.  He came up with some great ideas!  He has internalized the Commutative Property of Addition--woot!  I see a few answers that equal seven, so I'll sit down with him to have him take a second look.  I'm also loving the repeated addition, and picture of the individual units.

This student has an IEP, so he was given manipulatives to work with.  He was able to find several equations by the time he was finished, mostly involving addition.

This student had the right idea, and even dipped into multiplication, which was exciting to see.  Again, an understanding of the Commutative Property of Addition is noted, as well as some errors that I will work with him on.  The string of repeated addition at the top came with a little help.  He wanted to know how many 1's it would take make the equation correct.  Since it was a "covert assessment," I didn't want to help too much, but got him on the right path.  Then, he came up with the bottom equation with the 2's on his own, which was exciting to witness!
Math About Me can be done on ANY piece of paper, quick and easy!  If you'd like a link to the product you see above, click here: All About Me & Math About Me

There is a cute template for a self portrait and writing, as well as the Math About Me template you saw in the pictures above--both GREAT for the beginning of school!

I also give a traditional Math Inventory Test, which gives me a clear picture of what 2nd Grade CCSS Math Standards they have maintained over summer.  Here's a link to that product as well (sorry, no action shots since it's a bit more "standardized.")  3rd Grade Math Inventory Test

What ways do you get to know your students?  

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