Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Currently

I'm baaack! Took a little break from blogging, getting caught up in my latest saga--broken bone #2. Yep, I'm back-to-back on year #2 of a broken appendage. Ugh!  But, I'm here again, inspired by one on my favorite bloggers, Farley.  I'm linking up with her monthly Currently from Oh Boy, 4th Grade!

Listening:   I'm a total Real Housewives of ANYWHERE junkie.  My husband is a little concerned with  my addiction, thinking I envy the ladies on these shows.  But NO!  No envy here--just an escape from my day to day bump and grind, sitting here in my same ol chair until I can heal this leg of mine. Who's your favorite housewife from Beverly Hills?  Right now, I'm really relating to poor Yolanda.  She's struggling with Lupus and is housebound, so I relate to that in a big way. I also love her Dutch heritage and unpretentious style.  Here are my other favorites from the other locations:  New York:  Dorinda (such understated style),  New Jersey: Caroline (wise and sane), Atlanta:  Nene (she cracks me up!!), Orange County:  Shannon (but I want her to bail from that husband!)

Loving:   My husband and kids got me a treat...Philosophy hand cream.  It feels like such a treat to put on my tired hands. My hands are swollen and calloused from walking on crutches for 2 months, so it really was such a nice surprise.  Amazing Grace is the prettiest scent.

Thinking:  Always wondering how my class is doing while I'm off.  I miss them!

Wanting:  I am SO desperate to walk again.  It's absolutely maddening to be non-weight bearing for months.  If you've broken a leg/foot bone, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  It's funny, but when my family takes me out in my wheelchair, I get stopped constantly by well-wishers who have lived what I'm living.  They all want to share their stories of when they were in my situation.  It's a camaraderie type of thing.  I think I'll be like that once I'm healed.  I'll want to tell anyone with a broken leg that they will survive and be ok.

Needing:  A vanilla banana smoothie delivery.  My dad is bringing me one today--yay!

Real or Faux:  Real this year!  We are supporting our old Cub Scout Pack by getting a real tree from their fundraiser.  Should be pretty and smell good!  

Happiest of Holidays to all of you!  


  1. Hi Carol! I"m so glad that you linked up before me. (Can't believe we made it in the top 25!!) I love your blog and am your latest follower! So sorry about your leg. I hope it heals very quickly. Take care, and we'll chat soon.
    Barton's Buzz

  2. I think is is so cool that you get a real Christmas tree! Mine has always been fake, maybe next yea I will get a new one. My favorite Housewives show is the New Jersey one.

  3. Carol,

    I love Philosophy! We have the Candy Cane body wash and it's amazing! Best wishes with your recovery - I know what it's like to be off a leg/foot for an extended time and it's no fun.

    The Teaching Texan