Friday, January 1, 2016

January Currently

Happiest of New Years to all of you!  It's time for Farley's monthly Currently hook up, which I'm ever so grateful for...perfect for reflecting on your months, all year long!  

Listening:  My son is DOMINATING his new XBOX game, Star Wars Battlefront.  Maybe it had to do with seeing the movie a few times during break.   {My husband and son are Star Wars junkies!}

Loving:  The new year feels like such a clean slate, which feels good.  2015 had some major set-backs for me, mainly that I broke my leg.  So, I'm looking forward to re-writing a better new year.  My next x-ray is on Jan. 19th, so I'm praying for my tibia to be completely healed, and ready for walking.   

Thinking:  Our best friends wound up getting that horrible stomach flu on New Years Eve, so we had to cancel our poker night.  Instead of sitting home, we decided to go see the new movie, Joy.  Wowzers--what a powerful movie!  I am always moved by stories that demonstrate human strength and resilience,  over-coming obstacles.  Go see it!

Wanting:  To get back to school.  4 months is long enough!!  The bummer is that it's almost testing time--ugh!  I will have to really hustle to get them ready.

Needing:  A one story house it what we need.  I'm having flash backs every day of my accident--and every time my kids come down the stairs, I cringe.  I think I have PTSD--not kidding!

One Little Word:  WALK.  That's it, friends.  I will never never never never never take my legs or body for granted again.   I have unbelievable compassion for people who are confined to wheelchairs for their entire lives; I just can't tell you how humbling it is to be wheeled around, depending on help 24/7.  I'm sending my good vibes to Farley, praying she continues to feel better into the new year.

That's all folks!  May your 2016 be the BEST ever!