Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Currently

Happy February, everyone!  Are you happy that the Groundhog saw his shadow?  I'm not.  I love winter and rain!  I have to qualify my love of winter with the fact that I live in Southern California, where we say "winter" with quotation marks.  Not exactly the blizzard scenario that our friends across the nation face.  For us in our horrible drought, I say keep El Nino in motion!  Anywho, it's time for the best link up in town, Farley's monthly Currently Link Up.  Check her NEW, fancy blog design here:  FARLEY ROCKS!  Try not to crack up at her blog--always sounds like she's talking directly to you...love it!

Listening:  To Jack TRYING to squirm his way out of stealing something while he was in Hawaii.  This guy is in major denial, and I can't believe his new girlfriend is tolerating him.  Lying is something I don't do well with.  Vanderpump Rules is one of my favorite shows--just can't get enough. (My husband shakes his head at me when I watch it, so I have to DVR it and watch it when he leaves the house.)

Loving:  My son's teacher's Valentine's Day gift.  I LOVE me some chevron note cards!!  Take a peek!  I found these at Target.  Of course, a lil Starbucks card is thrown in too--it's a MUST for teachers, no?

Thinking: Always always always, thinking of my class of 3rd graders. I've been mending my broken leg since Sept. 27th!! It's been WAY too long seeing them.  They've actually known my sub longer than me, which is super weird.   I hope they remember me when I get back.

Wanting:  Speaking of my broken leg, I'm actually up and walking on it now--hurrah!!  I was 100% dependent on my crutches for two weeks, and now I'm hobbling in my walking boot.  It's not a pretty sight; my gait is needing lots of improvement.  When I try to take the boot off, my leg is like a spaghetti noodle, which is scary.  I can't walk on it at all, so it looks like I need physical therapy, STAT!

Needing:  Cases of Girl Scout cookies are towering over us!  I'm the Cookie Mom for my daughter's Girl Scout troop, which is fun.  But man oh man, the temptation to eat them is out.of.control.   I need the cookies out--now!

Swooning:  I know this sounds corny, but I'm really so attracted to my husband.  He's getting more and more handsome as he ages.  Plus, he's taken such good care of me over the last few months.  He's the peanut butter to my jelly!

Welp, that wraps up another Currently.  Hope your days are full of fun and love!