Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Currently

Jep, it's that time again.  The changing of months~October is one of my favorites too!  I'm hooking up  with one of my favorite bloggers, Farley, at Oh Boy, 4th Grade!  She always cracks me up ewhen I read her stuff, so go check her out!

Listening:  My house is unusually quiet, with my son and husband off at a Cub Scout camping event. My daughter has learned the art of sleeping in now, so besides the horrific licking of my crazy puggle, my house is quiet.  Really quiet.  Let's see how long it lasts...

Loving: Halloween on a Friday~I can hear an audible cheer from teachers around the globe!  

Thinking:  Costumes are always a big deal around our home, so we'd better get a game plan.

Wanting:  My poor daughter's knee can't stay in place, so I'm really hoping her physical therapy does some miracles so that she can attend her 6th grade science camp in a few weeks.

Needing:  I'm all set to make my Boo Bark, but forgot the candy corns.  Similar to my Bunny Bark from a previous post (scroll back to spring!), I make a mean Boo Bark, except I put candy corn and dark colored Oreos in the mix.  Super yummy and oh-so-fall-festive-fun.

Trick or Treat:  TREAT! I just put my Halloween Treat Box on sale for FREE.  Here's a peak...

Until next month,