Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Currently

I love February...and I LOVE Farley's Currently series every month!  Here we go!

Listening:  Yep, coffee's brewing.  My favorite time of day is the crack of dawn.  I get up super early, even on the weekends, to catch some quite time for myself.  I get most of my planning, grading, and reading done during these precious hours before the kids wake up.  Then, forgetaboutit!! #it'sallaboutthem

Loving:  Let's just say that I always took the "B" in science when I was in school.  I never did a science project growing up, so every year since my kids were in 1st grade, I've been getting my world rocked.  This year, we have my daughter doing an experiment on Gummy Bear Osmosis, and my son's doing one on how to keep Glow Sticks Glowing longer.  They turned out cute!  

Thinking:  I *might* actually pull up some recipes from my Pinterest board on Recipes to Try.  I swear, if I did all of the things I pin, I'd be a #supermomwifeteacherhealthyhotmama!!!  But, I don't, so I'll probably pull out a bag of chips and call it a day.

Wanting:  Forget "wanting," I WILL have a massage at some point today.  My husband is so sweet about scooting me out the door for a massage for his my sanity.  

Needing:  It's Girl Scout Cookie Season!!  Need I say more?  I will be going around my neighborhood with my daughter today, helping to ruin everyone's New Year's resolutions.  Muahahahahahha!!

Pageant Title:  Tail between my legs on this one...."Miss Anxiety Girl."  I'm super guilty about being like this.  I really need to snap out of it!  

Welp, there you have it!  Thanks for popping by!